Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Media: Steve Bell's Wedding Mugs

From The Guardian: cartoonist Steve Bell visits the Stoke-on-Trent factory where "to see his contribution to the 'royal junk' [the mug above] industry being made to commemorate Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding."

Aside from the factoid that only 6% of Americans care about the Royal Wedding, here's Steve Bell speaking so frankly about William's horse face and disdain for the junk that's manufactured for these events that it's very entertaining -- regardless of whether you are the 6 or the 94 percent.

I liked his comments about the challenge of drawing the fiancee:

"I was casting around, trying to do Kate. It's difficult doing a new character because I have no idea what she's like as a person."

It's fascinating to hear how much Steve has to know about a person before he feels he can successfully draw them; fusing their personalities into his caricatures.

Big tip of the hat to Paul Giambarba! Thanks, Paul!

Edit: the mug is sold out.

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