Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What Were You Doing When You Were 21?

Above: What Bil Keane was up to when he was 21 years old.

This year the National Cartoonists Society celebrates its 65th year. The organization has been thru its toddler stage, teenage years, middle age -- but let's take a look at the April 1965 edition of The Cartoon!st magazine, way back when the NCS had its 21st birthday.

Here are a few highlights from a 1965 photo feature from that April 1965 Cartoon!st mag that asks NCS members what they were doing back when they themselves were 21 years old. The complete photos, all 40 of them, follow below.

Bill Holman:

Paul Fung:

Jerry Dumas:

Prolific gag cartoonist Chon Day:

Here's a the complete 1965 "What Were You Doing When You Were 21?" photo feature:

Hat tip to Don Orehek! Thanks, Don!

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Dan Reynolds said...

I was graduating from college, and getting ready to go into the Navy.

I didn't even draw at this point, but I was traveling the world looking for my mummy. When I found her, she cursed at me and told me I would one day become a cartoonist. After her minions wrapped me up, I eventually became Reynolds Unwrapped, and well, the rest is only more active imagination.

You can see how active here...