Friday, October 25, 2013

Cartoonmuseum Basel "Der Fall Herr G. and Co." Festival Poster

Cartoonmuseum Basel (that's the one in Switzerland) has an exhibit that, roughly translated, is titled "The Adventures of the Clean Line." The gallery show, which runs from October 26, 2013 through March 9, 2014, traces (no pun intended) the history of the "clean line"style of cartoon and comic art.

The above jam poster has examples of the clean line, with characters such as Tintin, Jiggs and others. I'm sorry to say, but I cannot find an art credit for this. The poster art is designed by Exem. His Facebook page is here. (Hat tip to Bado for IDing the artist! Thanks, Bado!)

There are samples of Exem's poster art in progress here. Take a look and see all the work that went into this! Wow!

Oh -- there is, at that above link, a contest to see if you can name EVERYONE in this poster. But the deadline is midnight tonight (and I bet that means 6pm EST here in the States). I can't come close, myself.

Regardless, I want a poster of this!

Hat tip to Ulf K!

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Bado said...

The poster was designed by Exem.
Here's a link to his Facebook page: