Thursday, October 03, 2013


From a flea market in Rochester, NH: here are the covers of a half dozen JACK AND JILL MAGAZINES from the 1940s. I bought these just because of the covers. Just look at how varied they are. Some wonderful, forgotten illustration here to ogle over. And all are gatefold covers. These would make grand posters. My guess is that this is still all "copyrighted" Curtis Publishing.  (The indicia uses the past tense. Go figured.)

JACK AND JILL - July 1947
Cover by Joe Krush

JACK AND JILL - February, 1945
Cover by Beth Henninger

JACK AND JILL - September 1948
Cover by Susanne Suba

JACK AND JILL - May, 1946
Cover by Harry Goff

JACK AND JILL - December 1944
Cover by Laura Jean Allen

JACK AND JILL - May 1948
Cover by Jean Layton


RandyGlasbergen said...

I believe they are still being published. I did several illustrations for them back in the 90s

lisanrob weeks said...

I have 6 of them from 1945 46 47 I would like to sell them but don't know how much they are worth