Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Personal note to the friends and colleagues who read this blog: I had a car accident yesterday. I'm OK. No one else was hurt.

My car may be totalled. Heckuva way to start out the week, but it means no blog for a time.



Mike, Sorry. Get back soon. We need

Brian Fies said...

Got caught in one of those infamous high-speed New Hampshire pile-ups, eh? Glad to hear you're all right, and hope the aches, pains (if any) and jangled nerves subside soon.

laurie said...

Mike, thank goodness no one was hurt. That is the important thing! You did say no one was hurt right? I totalled my car this summer on the Turnpike and thank goodness the only harm done was to the cars involved and the major dent in my self esteem. You keep on truck'n ya hear!

James Grasdal said...

So glad that nobody was hurt. Mike, your blog is always one of my first visits of the day. As the dust settles, I'm sure there will be a gag or two to come from the experience. I look forward to reading more of your posts soon.

Spikey said...

Glad to hear that your OK Mike,looking forward to your return to the blogoshpere.

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, not only here but also in email in box. You guys are so nice. I'm well in body, but considerably rumpled in spirit.

Eli Stein said...

Sorry to hear this news, Mike. Hope you're OK -- get well and get back to cartooning and blogging real soon!
Eli Stein

A. Taylor said...

Buck up, li'l Rumple-spirit-skin.
Cars come and go, at least you're ok and you didn;t take out a bus full of school kids.
Disabled school kids. With puppies.
It could have been worse.
Glad you're ok.