Friday, October 12, 2007

Introducing Trout

Above: Samson (B&W) and Trout (tiger stripe) in a living room chair last night.

In the tradition of blogging about cats on Fridays (and there is such an odd tradition out there in blog land; but at least it's not as odd as that lame Talk Like a Pirate Day thingy), above is a photo of good ol' Sam the cat, and, sleeping next to him, is our new little baby cat named Trout.

And below is my wife Stacy, recounting now, for posterity, the story of Trout adopting us during our healthful walk in the country. Ah yes, it was a lovely afternoon here in NH, and there we were, minding our own business Monday afternoon, ambling along ....

So, Mike and I were out for a walk yesterday and were walking past this dairy farm where about a dozen cats hang out/live/work. We always look for the cats. Anyway, Mike spots this tiny, tiger kitten and points her out to me. As soon as the kitten saw us, she came racing over, purring and purring. Now we were walking in the street and it's a country road but the cars that do come down it, come flying. So I told the sweet kitty to go on back home and carried her over to the other cats...but she followed us again...and again...and again. By this time, the guys working in the barn had seen us and came out to see what was happening. They laughed and said, "take her". I protested that we already had 2 cats and didn't need any more. They said that someone had dumped her there just that morning (that happens to them alot, as it's a dairy farm and they have a lot of barn cats). So this kitten is not letting me out of her sight and purring and purring and keeps trying to follow us...and we decided to take her!

We quarantined her from the other cats (Rufus and Sam) until she had gone to the vet for her shots and made sure she didn't have any airborne diseases that our adult kitties could get. The vet checked her out -- dewormed, defleaed, and our wallets a little lighter -- she was given a clean bill of health. Even though she weighs a wee 2.1 pounds, the other guys were, at first, a little scared of her. But, as you can see above, she has settled in nicely. Yikes! Now we got 3 cats! That's the limit!

Stacy sums it up:

So that's what I get for going out for a walk. Moral of the story: exercise is BAD!!!!!

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laurie said...

Trout is really cute. I also suspect she is very clever, cause she was able to convince you two to take her home.