Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dangerous Graphics

Just bought a Sears Craftsman snowblower with the above warning sticker on it.

I can only imagine the dialogue across the Sears conference table:

"We have to show how dangerous machine can be. Should we show a limb in the process of being severed? What about blood?"

No blood in the final version, but I bet, over coffee and a nice spread, those corporate intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic regarded the visual depiction of the moment of limb mutilation in a series of serious, humorless meetings.

Heck, maybe there was a motion (made by a junior exec., I bet) to require a certain proficiency of customer IQ test results before allowing someone to buy a snowblower. But, well, this is America, and stupid people got money and Sears needs money, gang!

It's the jagged edge on the wrist that simultaneously horrified and startled me.


Mark Anderson said...

The blades are red though, and I'm betting they weren't just a moment ago... MOO-HA-HA!!!

Jack Ruttan said...

Those stick figures can never catch a break.

Unknown said...

It makes me wonder why there are not similar graphics on lawn mowers.

Unknown said...

It makes me wonder why a similar graphic does not appear on lawn mowers. ...or cars, for that matter.