Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Signing Your Rights Away

I wrote about Mike Strang on June 16th. I don't know Mike. Mike is a cartoonist.

Mike had an idea for a comic and signed a contract with Platinum Comics. He gave away his rights in the contract. Platinum Comics fired him or let him go (I'm not clear on the facts), and retooled the idea. That's what I wrote about in June.

This week, Platinum Studios unveils Mike's strip; his idea, drawn by somebody else. He blogs about his feelings here.

I used to have that Indian prayer on a plaque on my desk when I was a kid. You know the one: "Great Spirit, grant that I do not judge my neighbor until I walk a mile in his moccasins." My Catholic Grandmother gave it to me when I was maybe 9 years old.

I can only guess at the feelings that Mike has. He is better than I ever would be at showing us his anger toward everyone involved. I would tend to see this as a lesson learned, and put my anger into a new project -- and never sign away my rights ever again.

It's terrible when you get your heart broken, and it happens to most all of us multiple times for multiple reasons. No avoiding it! You can do all the right things in your life, but bad things will happen. And sometimes it's just because it's a dreadful accident or you were naive.

Now we get to the judging and walking bit ....

Mike still has his creative mind and, so far as I know, his health. I wish him luck on his career. He should have a good one, if he can continue his output and walk away from this. He should be judged for his comics work, not for this one business misstep.

Hat tip to Dirk Deppey over at Journalista!

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