Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mort Gerberg Interview at Publishers Weekly

Above: a Gerberg Sandwich; Mell Lazarus, Mort Gerberg, and editorial cartoonist & GRIMMY creator Mike Peters from a photo I took at the 2007 Reubens Convention.

Upon the occasion of the Mort Gerberg-edited cartoon collection LAST LAUGHS: CARTOONS ABOUT AGING, RETIREMENT ... AND BEYOND, comes a Publisher's Weekly interview with Mort written by none other than Calvin Reid.

Here's a quote from Mort about his career:

Finally, in the late 1960s I got a chance to start with the New Yorker, but it took a long time. You had to pay your dues to get in there. Bob Weber, one of the great New Yorker cartoonists, submitted cartoons for a year before he got in—and he didn’t even get a rejection note back during that time.
Link to AP story "Cartoonists Take Aim at Aging, Dying" by Malcolm Ritter.

The good thing about this book is that there will be cartoons in it that no one has seen before; i.e., it's not entirely a book of New Yorker leftovers.

My favorite "death cartoon" is this one by the great Lee Lorenz.

H/t to Tom Spurgeon over at the Comics Reporter.

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