Monday, April 06, 2009

2009 Toon Award & Exhibition

The first Toon Award & Exhibition will begin later this month in Okoboji, Iowa. Students 18 years of age or older may submit their work for exhibition and award consideration. The deadline is next Wednesay, April 15, 2009. There will be a series of awards in these distinct cartooning disciplies:
  • Magazine Cartoons
  • Greeting Cards
  • Comic Books
  • Political Cartoons
  • Illustrations
  • Manga & Anime
  • Comic Strips
  • Animation
From April 24, 2009 until June 27, 2009, there will be a display of amateur and professional cartoon work at the Pearson Lakes Art Center.

There will be a 2 day conference, April 24 - 25th, 2009, beginning with a reception on Friday evening. Scheuled for Saturday: cartooning workshops and a cartoon raffle. Saturday night isthe awards ceremony.

My thanks to Ken Alvine, the man who is organizing all this, for keeping me informed. Thanks, Ken!

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Nick Fechter said...

If only I was one year older!