Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FLINTSTONES Comic Strips by Gene Hazelton

You want to see some truly masterful cartooning? Try looking at some early FLINTSTONES comic strips by Gene Hazelton over at my pal Ger Apeldoorn's The Fabuleous Fifties blog.


Nick Fechter said...

I didn't know that The Flinstones also had a comic strip, this one is really funny!

Larry Levine said...

The NY Daily News carried the Sunday page until the early 1980s. The early strips were pretty on-model with the TV version, by the 70s Hazelton was giving the strip a very distinct look which bothered me as a kid because Fred & Barney looked different from the show and comic books.

Daryll Collins said...

Thanks for posting. Gene Hazelton is one of my favorites cartoonists and character designers.