Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mike Lynch Cartoon in April 2009 PROSPECT

From gag cartoons to old children's records to British stage actresses.

I have a cartoon, aptly described as "the giant cat head cartoon" by the editor, in this month's PROSPECT magazine.

"It doesn't bother me because I don't let it bother me."

Above: The Tenniel drawing from ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

OK, the drawing makes no sense if you don't know the above floating head of the Cheshire cat drawing. This is a personal favorite cartoon of mine that sold to the US publication Brandweek two years ago.

I drew the cat freehand after staring at the drawing for a while. No pencils since I wanted the ink lines to be vibrant. (Penciling dulls my drawing line, making it lifeless.)

ALICE IN WONDERLAND was a favorite. Not the Disney version -- the Caedmon version. We had a Caedmon LP of ALICE, starring smoky-voiced stage actress Joan Greenwood in the lead. I must have listened to it a million times.

Above: Joan Greenwood herself in a 1953 Life Magazine portrait by Kurt Hutton, for the article "Frenchman's Guide To The Girls."

I'm forever grateful to Johnny C. for emailing me an MP3 of the long-lost LP. Check out his terrific blog!


Nick Fechter said...

Wonderful Mike! Really great and funny cartoon, congrats.

Huw Aaron said...

Hi Mike - loved the cat cartoon without ever having seen the original. Surreal brilliance. Best toon in that prospect. (though the victorian graffiti one ain't bad...)

Sean Dixon - said...

I agree. You don't need the original Alice image to love the golf cartoon.

Unknown said...

sean im trying to track down any info on a sean dixon that done an oil painting of matt talbot entitled a symbol of ireland.well old any help would be appreciated.rosskeogh@hotmail.com