Friday, April 03, 2009

Video: 1975 NYC Sci Fi Fantasy Convention

Joe Stefano! Whit Bissell! Noel Neill! And, last and best, Angelique Pettyjohn! If those names mean nothing, then you're not a sci fi TV fan. If you are, then take a peak at Paul Scrabo's home movie of the 1975 Sci Fi and Fantasy Convention.

One minor correction: the music that Paul chose for Ms. Pettyjohn's dance was composed by Alexander Courage, for the first STAR TREK pilot, "The Cage."


Anonymous said...

Whit Bissel! Didn't he star with Tommy Darrin in the Time Tunnel?

Mike Lynch said...

Hey, questions like that is what the Internets was made to answer!

Mark Heath said...

I know the first and third names, so I guess I'm half of a true tv fan.

John Sheppard said...

My question was a rhetorical one! :)

I also hit "anonymous" by mistake.