Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Hawthorne High School Comic Convention RETURNS!

Saturday, May 9th, in Hawthorne, NJ, the Hawthorne High School has its Hawthorne High School Comic Convention. This is a terrific convention with a lot of great comic book artists attending. Plus: your admission fee helps the art department.

Below is the press release:

New Jersey’s greatest comic book convention is back this May 9th. Hawthorne High School is proud to announce it’s 2009 comic convention. Featuring New Jersey’s greatest gathering of comic book creators the Hawthorne High School Cartooning Club will hold it’s 5th great convention. With great events like comic creating lessons by comic pros, an auction of original comic art, comic books and comic collectibles and one of the best line ups of comic creators at any convention in the country the Hawthorne High Comic Convention is one of the great events in the world of comic fandom.
The convention is a spin off of the Ramapo High School Comic Con, one of the now legendary conventions of the 1980’s & 90’s. Run by Hawthorne High art teachers Allan Rosenberg and Danielle Russo, and the wonderful students of the Cartooning Club, the convention is held as a fundraiser to supplement the art department’s budget, thus making it possible do even greater things for the art students of the high school.

This year’s convention is expanding the cartooning and art lessons to provide some great programming. Besides the usual cartooning and comic art lessons (examples: anatomy and page layout) there will also be programming in sculpting the heroic figure and creating your own comic.

As usual we are looking for a few good vendors. If you are interested in vendor tables at the show contact Allan Rosenberg at alllal@aol.com.

The convention is a great family friendly event and a true bargain with a $4.00 entrance fee. The convention takes place Saturday May 9th from 10am – 4pm at Hawthorne High School, 160 Parmelee Avenue, Hawthorne, New Jersey 07506. It’s easily accessible by car or train.

Oh, we forgot to mention one last thing, our incredible line up of comic creators. This is the line up as of March 22, 2009 with more to come.
  • James Sherman
  • Dennis O’Neill
  • Dennis Colero
  • Jim Salicrup
  • Hannibal King
  • Steve Mannion
  • Tom Raney
  • Bob Wiacek
  • Danny Fingeroth
  • Joe Sinnott
  • Michael Golden
  • Mark Texiera
  • Irwin Hasen
  • Mark Romanowski
  • Ken Gale
  • Mercy Van Vlack
  • Steve Walker
  • Michael Lilly
  • Scott Roberts
  • Glen Whitmore
  • Dick Ayers
  • Rich Ayers
  • John Workman
  • Billy Tucci
  • Joe Staton
  • Eric Battle
  • Tommy Castillo
  • Ian Dorian
  • Joe Giella
  • Tom Palmer
  • Bob Schreck (tent.)
  • Mark Schultz
  • Dan Reed
  • Rodney RamosJim Calafiore
And more great comic creators to come!

Further information will be available on the Big Apple Conventions website (bigapplecon.com) who most generously are donating the web page for our updates and their invaluable assistance! Thanks guys!

A big thank you to the Hawthorne Board of Education for making the convention possible each year.

Hope to see you here at Hawthorne High School on May 9th for this great day celebrating the world of comic & cartoon arts.


Brian Fies said...

Wow, what a line-up at such a bargain! If I were anywhere closer than 3000 miles away, I'd be there. I love the idea that there's still a place in the business for a couple of art teachers to throw a comics convention in the school gym and have talent like that show up. Kudos to everyone.

Mike Lynch said...

This high school has been hosting these great little conventions for a while now. You can laugh, but this is better than a big ol' Comicon. You get a lot more face time with creators in a relaxed atmosphere -- and you're helping out the high school art dept.

And if you see Jim Salicrup, tell him Mike says hi.

Torsten Adair said...

A great show, with lots of great guests, in a somewhat laid-back locale. It is a hike from the train station, but Hawthorne is a nice town and it's a nice stroll.

For New Yorkers, transfer at Secaucus to the NJ Transit Main Line.