Friday, December 17, 2010

Cat Tail Computer Screen Cleaning

Above: Trout the cat. Yes, Trout is her name.

NEW for the Holidays! Cat-tail computer screen washer! It's safe, it frees up your valuable time and her breath smells like tuna. Hey, if you act now, we throw in the laser eyes absolutely for free!

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An instructional series of photos featuring Sam (B&W), Rufus (orange) and Trout (tiger) demonstrating the correct ways to do things.

Today's lesson: the right way and wrong way for a cat to sleep.

Right way: Sam

Right way: Rufus

Wrong way!

I have no idea how Trout the cat can sleep like this, but it's obviously wrong, wrong, wrong.

This has part of an informative series of cat-related blog entries. Thank you for your kind attention.

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1 comment:

Dan Reynolds said...

Nice pis of the felines, Mike.

I have a black lab. His tail is a lethal weapon. This time of the year, the manger scene gets taken out with one howl sweep of the tail. He can't clean a computer screen with his tail, but if he hits you in the head with the tail, he'll clean your clock.