Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ernie Bushmiller Coaster

Here's a holiday gift giving idea!

The above Ernie Bushmiller coaster is part of the Society of Illustrators Notable Members Coaster Set, one of a set of six, all for $15 from the Society. "Enjoy a drink while admiring rare photos of NOTABLE MEMBERS from the Society of Illustrators archives." The high quality paperboard coaster line up includes these "gone but not forgotten" SI members:
  • JON GNAGY, America’s first televised art instructor
  • WALTER BAUMHOFER, Illustrator of the Doc Savage pulp series
  • ERNIE BUSHMILLER, Nancy and Sluggo’s dad
  • CHARLES ADDAMS, Macabre cartoonist and creator of the Addams Family
  • MILTON CANIFF, Author/illustrator of the “Steve Canyon” and “Terry and the Pirates” comic strips
  • TOM LOVELL, Pulps, magazines, historical, Western. He did it all superbly.
Set of six collectible coasters to impress your friends and colleagues.

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