Thursday, February 24, 2011

1968 Visit with Frank King and Roy Crane

Jud Hurd, writing for the June 1968 Cartoonist Magazine, visits the home of Frank King in Florida.

We also get to see the many cartoonist neighbors: Roy Crane (above), Bill Perry, Mel Graff, Dick Moores, Les Turner, Kate Osann and more. Jud relates dines with them and visits their studios in what seems like a lovely time.

My thanks to Don Orehek for this issue of The Cartoonist.


Jeff P said...

Yay, Cartoonist PROfiles! I had a subscription in the '80s, and in those pre-internet days it was an invaluable resource for the lonely cartoonist.

Dan Thompson said...

Hands down, the coolest thing i've seen in a long time about Roy Crane and Les it.