Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Favorite Scratching Areas of Local Cats by Mike Lynch

"Favorite Scratching Areas of Local Cats" is a cartoon by Mike Lynch. Ink and watercolor on 90 lb. Loew Cornell "Rough Surface" watercolor paper.

I was trying out this new watercolor paper. It took to the Micron Pigma pens just fine. But, as you can see, it likes to bleed a bit much -or my brush is too wet.

Above: the rough version, a page from a sketchbook.

Above: the original. I altered it to a vertical layout in Photoshop. I also did redraw of the "scruff tugs" cat, Bertie.


Jack said...

I wish more people were aware of the fact that bleeding lines on paper is my "style."

Rina said...

Great drawings, Mike! and funny -- love the Brooklyn, ha ha!

Fritz said...

This is fun. The local cat that keeps coming to my office likes at least 3 of these.