Monday, February 21, 2011

SIMON'S CAT by Simon Tofield

Like millions of people, I had seen one of the animations by Simon Tofield about a cat on YouTube. I didn't know that this hilarious cat had become an industry for Mr. Tofield, resulting in even more animations, books and now, he's replacing a British icon! A comic strip version of Simon's Cat will replace Andy Capp in the Daily Mirror.

EDIT: My friend, UK cartoonist Royston Robertson, in the comments section below, tells me Capp is staying and Simon's Cat is part of a Mirror comics page revision. Please take a look at his link.

Above: one of the more recent Simon's Cat shorts. You can see how much animator/cartoonist Simon Tofield understands about cat behavior. Some very funny stuff here and well worth a viewing ... or re-viewing.

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Royston Robertson said...

Mike, Andy Capp leaving the Mirror would be like the ravens leaving the Tower of London! My understanding is that Simon's Cat will actually be appearing alongside it on the comic strips page, as part of a wider shake-up: