Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stacking Wood

Hey there! That's a self-portrait of me under many wooly layers. And below, the reason why:

It's been a cold winter and we've gone through more wood than I thought. So, we had to order a cord of stovewood to keep the home fires burning. The only problem stacking wood in the winter is, of course, the cold and snow.

It was 30 degrees, but the 20-30mph wind gusts knocked the temperature down to bonechilling temperatures. I was only able to stack about a quarter of the woodpile before that Popsicle feeling overwhelmed me and I had to come in to warm up. Which is when I drew this cartoon of me in many layers (t-shirt, flannel shirt, wool sweater and jacket).

Here's hoping spring is around the corner!


Mark Anderson said...

You need one of these to keep you warmer: http://www.beardhead.com/

Mike Lynch said...

I want a photo of you wearing one. I'm gonna use it for my screensaver.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I have the opposite problem. I just spent a week painting my roof white to reflect the brutal sun in the summer. (Supposed to lower cooling bills by 30%.) It looks a bit like there's snow on the roof, perhaps that will help add to the psychological effect of "cool".