Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1970 Interview: Whitney Darrow, Jr.

From Cartoonist PROfiles #7, August 1970, here's a good interview with New Yorker gentleman-cartoonist Whitney Darrow. One of the reasons it's good is because of Jud Hurd, who WAS Cartoonist PROfiles and a cartoonist himself. Jud conducted a lot of the interviews through the magazine's run.

The preliminary sketches for Mr. Darrow's New Yorker cartoon (page 57) are fascinating. They're the reason I wanted to share the piece. You can see that he studied under George Bridgman.

The issue has a beautiful wrap-around cover by Sergio Aragones, along with an interview with the MAD Magazine artist. That's all scanned for your pleasure here.

Some more beautiful Darrow drawings from THE OFFICE PARTY book here.

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Gary said...

In 1972, the New Yorker bought one of my cartoons, but only to use the idea. I got $100. I was delighted to see that the resulting cartoon was by Whitney Darrow, Jr., who had changed my man about to hang himself to a businessman about to jump off a window ledge, like the one in this article. I thought I had gotten my foot in the door, but I never managed to sell anything else to the New Yorker.