Friday, September 30, 2011

NUTS by Gahan Wilson

NUTS, the comic strip by Gahan Wilson that originally appeared in National Lampoon, has been collected in its entirety by Fantagraphics.

CBR interviews New Yorker and Playboy cartoonist Gahan Wilson about NUTS:

They [National Lampoon] asked me to do something as horrible as I possibly could. I toyed with Frankenstein monsters and all that kinds of stuff. Suddenly, I saw this little kid, I think it was in Central Park. He was walking along with his parents, it was a very busy day and he's trying to cope with it all and take it in. I was very touched by him. It reminded me that [childhood] was probably the most difficult time you go through, 'cause it's totally incomprehensible, and yet they do they struggle through. People treat them like they're teensy weensy, cutesy wootsy, but they're human beings. Little, very young, human beings. They're not cutesy wootsy. That's how I hit on the "Nuts" idea, and once I opened the gate, it just poured out of me. Now, [Fantagraphics is] going to bring out a book, which is very well done. It's a nice little collection, and this will be the whole thing.

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conradmillermd said...

Saw him last night at Canio's in Sag Harbor - shared some of Nuts w us and his link-up experience to Hugh Hefner and Playboy - and also the National Lampoon. Went to the Art Institute of Chicago. Slightly losing it upstairs but quite charming and cute in his melodramatic way...