Friday, September 16, 2011

On TCM Tonight: William Hartnell in CARRY ON SERGEANT

A pre-DOCTOR WHO William Hartnell (he's the sergeant; that's him with the big head yelling the title in the above poster) stars in CARRY ON SERGEANT (1959) on Turner Classic Movies tonight at 8pm EST.

Here's the trailer:

It's the first of the "CARRY ON" series of movies, which would continue through the 1970s. More about all this at the Taste Me You Will See blog, which is where I nicked the clip below from:



Len said...

And he's not the only Doctor to feature in a Carry On film (movie)-Jon Pertwee in one of the best- Carry On Cleo

Piers Baker said...

Mike, I live in one of the houses in the background of that parade ground scene! Mine is at the far right hand end as you look at it. The army barracks have now been converted into homes so doors have been added where some of the windows are.
All the best to you.
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