Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU edited by Charles Preston

Here are a few cartoons from the book HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU edited and copyright 1964 by Charles Preston, with a few comments from me. (I've contributed gag cartoons to WSJ for 10 years myself -- and that's where these gag cartoon panels originally appeared.)

Above: cartoonist Brad "Marmaduke" Anderson gives us these great sweeping stokes of ink. I like his style. Very striking.

Scott Taber was born in Illinois, but by the 1950s, this prolific gag cartoonist was living in Northport, NY, a Long Island Railroad commute away from the NYC gag cartoon markets. Daughter Joan Taber writes a wonderful blog "Family Stories." Take a look at this one about her father meeting George Booth. 

Bo Brown deserves to be better remembered.  "Over 33,000 cartoons published in over 600 publications," he declare in his NCS bio.

I liked Carl Thomas' cartoon for the very reason that it still works today. And that's a sad state of affairs.

Doris Matthews cartoons graced The New Yorker and the Wall Street Journal. No further information on her or her work is available online -- except to say that she was one of the few WSJ female cartoonist regulars.

Herbert Goldberg was a New Yorker regular for 26 years. His cartoon above, for the WSJ, is an evergreen if ever there was one.

I love Mort Temes' cartoon above. This woman is so BAD. I really laughed out loud. Loved it.

Yup. Just change "my crossword puzzle" to "updating my Facebook" and this Bob Weber cartoon would work just fine.  Oh, and no smoking in the office these days, natch! BTW, Bob's long-running King Features strip MOOSE has been around for over a quarter century.

Sid Harris, like Bob Weber, is still cartooning. Sid is producing gag cartoons, as well as painting in his New Haven, CT studio.

 Above: the prolific Al Johns with a great gag. Uh ... can anyone translate?

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