Friday, September 23, 2011

Video: Joe Shuster Canadian Co-Creator of SUPERMAN

Truth, justice and the CANADIAN way!

Below is a 30 second Canada Heritage Minutes TV spot where an actor (Adam Reid) portraying the very young Joe Shuster explains his idea for a new comic strip hero to a nice lady by the name of Lois (Catherine Colvey).

Part of the CRB Foundation Heritage Project.

According to the novelist Mordecai Richler, Shuster's Superman is a perfect expression of the Canadian psyche. The mighty "man of steel" hides his extraordinary strength, speed, and superhuman powers under the bland, self-effacing guise of the weak and clumsy Clark Kent. He is a hero who does not take any credit for his own heroism, a glamorous figure in cape and tights who is content to live his daily life in horn-rimmed glasses and brown suits.

Richler wryly suggests that Superman, with his modest alter-ego, is the archetypal Canadian personality who became a "universal hero," famed throughout the world as the champion of everything virtuous.

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