Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mike on TV

Above: a screen grab of my talking head on TV.

Mark Fiore's Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoon animation work is profiled in the "Listening Post" program on Al Jazeera English TV. Here's a link to the entire program, which begins with a look at Super PACs:

Super PACs: A new media weapon - Listening Post - Al Jazeera English

I'm at the very end, the middle of three of their "Global Village Voices," a group of people in the cartooning field who give a short statement about online animation. London animation director Nikolay Moustakov and my fellow blogger, comics historian Michael Rhode, also share their views.

My point: online animation and regular old-fashioned, still cartoons have the same fundamentals: they have to be well written, make their point in a visual way and, maybe most importantly, be short!

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Mark Anderson said...

Looked great, and you're spot on as usual mon frere! WOO!