Monday, January 16, 2012

No No No

This is just plain wrong.

Sears has a big print and TV ad campaign to push sales this weekend.


Tom McMahon said...

At least they're not advertising a "White Sale" ...

Dan Reynolds said...

What does MLK have to do with other people making merchandise sales...ABSOULtely nothing.

This is the SAME EXACT thing as CHRISTMAS sales or any other marketing scheme that tries to infer some sort of loyalty to a person or group by you giving them money for something.

I guess their product can't stand on its own. If you think hard about it, it's a simple concept. It's just that we've been droned into a merchandising daze and we can't think for ourselves.

Well, you did, Mike.

Faff said...

So I'm reading this and thinking, why are they promoting milk? Living in the UK it took me a while to catch on. Dr King would not be impressed.