Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Unseen Virgil "VIP" Partch: BY THE NUMBERS

BY THE NUMBERS is "a book about numbers written for people." The entire title is BY THE NUMBERS: THE STORY OF COUNTING FROM THE ABACUS TO THE ARTIFICIAL BRAIN and it's by Burton Lehrenbaum. It was published by and is copyright 1966 by Veeder-Root in Hartford, CT.

The book sports a number of illustrations by Virgil Partch, who signed his cartoons "VIP." So far as I know, this work by Partch, a master cartoonist, has been unseen (at least on the Web) for over 40 years.

Wonderful to see a subject like numbers use a cartoonist to get its points across. Maybe one of the reasons that VIP was chosen to illustrate this paperback was because he was known to sneak an extra finger onto a character just to see if he could do it.

Here they are, with no context. Just enjoy those wonderful ink lines of VIP's!


Dan said...

Thanks for the look. I was partched for Partch and am now refreshed!

bernardo said...