Thursday, January 05, 2012

Video: I Built a TARDIS

From Sillysparrowness, here is her video diary of building a TARDIS from scratch in her basement.

Hang on. Take a look. This woman deserves her own show.

Like NeLieLsCrazy writes in the YouTube comments:

At first I was like: 16 minutes? I'm not gonna watch a video that long. And then I ended up puking rainbows. You're awesome!

Puking rainbows = funny and awesome.

Massive tip of the fez to the greatest DOCTOR WHO blog Life, Doctor Who and Combom.

Go look: Sillysparrowness' collapsable and foldable TARDIS blog


Brian Fies said...

I think I'm in love. Don't tell my wife.

Mike Lynch said...

She should have her own show.