Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Video: Mark Anderson Draws!

Above: a partial shot of a Mark Anderson cartoon which you can see him pencil in live-time here.

If you ever had a regular job and dreamed of becoming a cartoonist, then I've been there. So has Mark Anderson.

One of the reasons I'm pals with Mark Anderson is because we both started out working in non-cartooning careers (i.e., cubicle worker life) before we became cartoonists.

It wasn't until we were both making it on our own, seeing our names in print, that we ever got in touch.

I wrote in the introduction to Mark's cartoon collection, RUB MY TUMMY AND IT'S A DEAL:

Mark Anderson isn't a lucky man.

Maybe you disagree. Maybe you might say, "Isn't he lucky? He's making a living cartooning."

Luck does not play into it. My point then and now is that hard work and trying new ideas do. As of this week, he's

trying a whole new approach to blogging this year, and one aspect is going to be some video content.

Maybe you saw his studio tour, which includes his drawing materials, where he works and the types of scanner and computer is part of the production. Maybe you saw his iBook tutorial.

Now, take a look at him pencilling a Valentine's Day cartoon.

You start to get a sense that cartooning is hard work. That's true. I always tell people that cartooning is a job, but it's a job I love.

I'm thankful for Mark sharing all of this great content. I sure could have used all of it when I was just starting out! Bookmark his blog if you haven't all ready.

Above: Mark Anderson's cool studio stool from his A Cartoonist's Tools entry.

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