Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1950s Gag Cartoons

This is the run-up week to my talk about 1950s comics and cartoons at the Long Island Museum. The talk will be about the anti-comics crusade (bad) and the golden age of gag cartoons (good). So, I am looking at a lot of gag cartoons from that time. While I'm busy practicing the presentation in front of my cat "Dropcloth" today, here are a few 1950s cartoons full of manual typewriters, drive-in burger joints, drive-in movies, malt shops, and life before the TV remote.


Gary said...

Love that the drive-in attendant has run all the way out to farm country; Leo Garel’s drawing of the sleepy man’s face; Chon Day’s simple indication of buildings in the background; Ernest’s incredibly Freudian moment; and the cartoon by Ned Hilton, who’s new to me.

Smeghead2068 said...

2nd cartoon...loved it when drug stores had both a comic rack and a soda fountain.