Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mort Drucker Promo Postcard

Here's a promo postcard of Mort Drucker's. I don't know how old it is. My guess is it's several decades old, just based on the look of the people. Other than the fact that it was drawn for State Farm, I don't know the context.

 The funny thing about this drawing is that it is atypical Drucker: no caricatures of famous stars or politicians -- just a collection of specific types of people.

 Look at the action here: everyone is involved, actively watching and reacting to the offstage game. It's pretty much impossible not to want to stare at this.

Six years ago, I was the ringleader for a couple of cartoonist panels. Mort was one of the participants. During the Q&A, an audience member asked what he liked to draw. Mort said he liked to draw anything alive and dynamic. You can see that energy in his pen line.

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