Friday, October 05, 2012

Sketchbook: Mike Lynch Cartoons the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE)


The last Saturday in September I attended the MICE show (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo)  in Cambridge, MA with my friend John Klossner. 

We set up a table and from 10am til 7pm, people wandered in to look at what kinda of comics we (the people behind the tables) drew and if it was worth buying.

This was my first time at the one-day event for small comics creators.

Here are some sketches I did.

This woman was across from me and was very busy:

When your comics are about your own life and no one is buying, it must be depressing.

I'm not sure the table below sold anything, but they were having a grand time:

Yes, this is an actual description of an actual comic I overheard:

 The below story is true! I know this makes my pal Mark Anderson happy:

These were drawn with a Pigma Micron pen and watercolor. Below are the raw scans of my sketchbook pages:

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Mark Anderson said...

Shows like this are often disappointing, but at least you got some awesome sketches out of it.

I can't believe that app brought up Andertoons. I bet Siri woulda taken him right to your site.