Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Garden As of October 2, 2012


The trees started to turn yellow early here, then the reds and the oranges and the browns followed a week or 2 later. I guess we're a couple of weeks away from peak leaf peeping time.

The garden is winding down and son everything will be either harvested or composted, the soil turned and winter rye planted (to add some nutrients back to the soil).

Above: the raised beds of the garden. 

Sweet potatoes sill waiting to be dug up. They'll have to wait until about the third frost. 

Above: Stacy's handmade bench in the foreground with her beehive water can, green peppers in the back (slightly damaged from  tree-chopping down on Sunday), and a lot of "volunteer" tomatoes which are still producing. 

The scraggledy remains of the tomatoes. Many quarts were canned.

The cucumbers are done, but there's new lettuce that's ripe to pick in the back bed.



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