Friday, October 26, 2012


If your two lifetime passions are cartooning and collecting, then you should meet Andy Broome.

Andy works for the sports card company Beckett's, which is great since he has loved baseball cards since he was a kid. He's been the Senior Vintage Card Grader for Beckett Grading Services for six years. He's been a consultant to the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW TV program.

Andy is also a cartoonist. Maybe it's part of the make-up of a cartoonist to make fun of the types of people that you know and love. At least, that's the way it is with Andy. His new collection of cartoons about the people who are driven to extremes collecting stuff is titled COLLECTING THE COLLECTOR. It's all about those crazy people (like Andy and l am that way as well) who want it graded, stuffed in a mylar bag and put it in a special climate-controlled environment. And "it" is anything that you collect: comics, cards, etc.

If you like this, or know someone who is, please consider buying a copy of COLLECTING THE COLLECTOR by Andy Broome.

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