Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1962 Terry Gilliam College Cartoon

Above art by a young Terry Gilliam, parodying an ad by a young Dr. Seuss.

Here's a cartoon by Terry Gilliam from 1962. It was drawn when he was in college and is based on a popular series of ads. If you know your Dr. Seuss, then you know that he before he was a children's book creator, he illustrated many ads for an insecticide that operated with a "flit gun."  The ads would invariably deal with someone seeing an unwanted insect and shouting, "Quick, Henry! The FLIT!"

Let me find one of the original ads. Yes, here's one, from the "Seussian Art" pages of Tufts University:

Anyway, here is proto-Gilliam with a multi-panel gag showing us what a flit could be.

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vollsticks said...

Ah, a gay joke. It's drawn well enough but as well as being dated I don't think it needs all those panels. It's just a bit weak, really.