Thursday, November 08, 2012

Video: Cartoonist’s 30-Foot, Hand-Drawn Maze Nearing Completion

If you know Pittsburgh, chances are you know Joe Wos and his Toonseum. The Toonseum is a cartoon museum located downtown. There are always things going on at the Toonseum, and Joe Wos drawing the biggest maze is just the latest.

“I wanted to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for something," said Joe. 

Then, the Wall Street Journal published an article on his quest for Guinness fame.

“I had over a hundred people from around the world asking to solve the maze,” he adds, “saying ‘Could you just mail it to me, and I’ll solve it?’ I don’t think any of them had any concept of just the pure size of this colossal maze.”

The entire maze will be overlaid with plastic. Whoever decides to try and solve it can trace the pathway with a Sharpie. A warning, though: There are hundreds of dead ends.

Wos hopes to complete the project this weekend
The entire article is here.

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Dan Reynolds said...

I know Joe. Met him last time I was in Pittsburgh. He had me sign his wall of fame with a doodle.

There's some neat things there. They have a desk there that was either one of the desks that Walt Disney used or it was used at the Disney may have been the desk that was used to draw the first animated cartoon. I can't remember which - something like that. I have a picture of myself there in front of the big Superman statue. It's a very narrow museum downtown, and Joe is very enthusiastic about it. I would encourage anyone to pay the museum a visit if you're in Pittsburgh.