Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bill Day: Crowdfunding a Cartoonist's Salary

Take a look at Michael Cavna's column. his "Comics Riffs" feature is well worth your time in general -- and specifically, this day (uh ... no pun intended). 

Michael writes about Bill Day. Bill Day is one of the best editorial cartoonists out there. And he needs some support.

When judging the NCS Editorial Cartoon Division Awards in the past, Bill's work would always be in the top tier of potential nominees.

Michael writes about his unceremonious firing from the Commercial Appeal in 2009 and the extraordinary "Crowdfunding a Cartoonist's Salary" for Bill that's been spearheaded by Daryl Cagle. Do take a look if you can. Here's the video:

People love cartoons and I see more cartoons on social media than ever. But the newspapers are cutting back, and, in Bill's case, he has been working at a bike shop to make money and drawing part-time, at night. We are, to paraphrase Daryl, in danger of losing Bill's editorial voice. And his prediction of maybe having only a few editorial cartoonists around in the future is not good.

Fans can make the difference, and for a small amount of money, you can save this editorial voice.

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