Monday, November 19, 2012

Rough to Finish: Mike Lynch Illustration in November 16, 2012 Boston Globe

Above: a detail from my November 16, 2012 Boston Globe illustration.

Here's a quick rough-to-finish process blog entry for my Globe art that was published on Friday.

The piece was for a poem about various pet peeves by Joan Wickersham.

First, the very rough drawing. My eyes only. From my sketchbook, drawn in ink:

Here is a tighter pencil rough for the editor. I wrote to her:

Here's a rough sketch of a mean zookeeper, taking it out on those annoying people (the email "reply all" guy, the person talking in the movie theatre, the no-headlights-on driver, and the non-flusher) who are caged like zoo animals.

And below, the finish, with a couple of changes: the zookeeper is now gleeful about having these people in cages, and the zookeeper roughly resembles the author of the poem.


Snowman Expert said...

I like this! Mike, you used those dot shading for parts? I used to love using them but switched to shading on computer and sending digital finals–and certainly something was lost in that change.

Mike Lynch said...

Thx for the kind words. That dot shading, or zip-a-tone effect, is done in Photoshop.