Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dick Hodgins: Drawing HAGAR in the Dark

The one thing about success is that it requires persistence. Persistence, like I say, is more important than talent.

Dick Hodgins, Jr., who has worked for King Features, drawn Hank Ketcham's HALF HITCH strip, as well as the HENRY syndicated feature, now works on the HAGAR THE HORRIBLE strip, originally created by Dik Browne. Mr. Hodgins also draws editorial cartoons for several newspaper in Connecticut.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dick maybe a half dozen years ago, when he was honored by the Connecticut National Cartoonists Society chapter. There were a couple dozen original cartoons on display. Gorgeous work, as always. There is no skimping in the talent department!

But when the hurricane hit last week, the power went out. Not to worry. This four-time winner of the National Cartoonists Society Division Award took it in stride.

He sent the following email to me, along with the photo:
"In hurricane Sandy's unilluminated aftermath, Dick Hodgins gets 'HAGAR' prepared to make his way to the deadline with the help of a battery powered light."
Go Dick go!


Brian Fies said...

Not Chris Browne? Or does Chris pencil and Hodgins ink? In any case, I appreciate his work ethic--as well as an apt example of old-school ink getting the job done when Photoshop can't!

Anonymous said...

I know Dick Hodgins,Jr personally through the phone, and yes he does the inking of Hagar the Horrible. Wonderful man!