Monday, January 21, 2013

Juana Medina: What I Draw With

My friend Juana Medina shares what she draws with and why at her Tumblr site.

It's worth noting that there really are the two schools of people who draw: those who will pick up anything handy (Juana has even used ketchup) and those who are deeply devoted to very specific inks/brushes/pens, etc.

Of course, the problem with falling in love with a particular thing is that you live in constant fear.

Manufacturers are not necessarily reciprocal and are constantly dropping old models in favor of new ones. So, I know more than one cartoonist who has taken to spending a lot of their hard earned money to hoard a lifetime supply of their favorite drawing tool or paper.

Me? I like different things, but I tend to draw with permanent ink. And I think I may follow Juana's lead and try a condiment this week ....

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