Monday, January 14, 2013

Working at Drawing

If you spend a lot of time with visual media, you tend to see that the emphasis is on the look of the thing. While literature may give you more of the inner life, movies and comics and games sell you on the surface, the flash, the sizzle.

Case in point: the sketches of horses up there. Not bad. I drew some preliminary thumbnails for a client.  I am not a person who draws horses every day, but, like I said, they are not bad. Do they look like it was easy drawing them? Was it effortless?

It takes a long time and a lot of drawings to draw well. And maybe it does look easy to other people, but that's because all of the bad drawings are out of my system. Well, most of them. I hope!

Like the old saying goes: You want to draw well? You take a stack of blank paper, a stack as high as you are tall, and then draw on every page, and by the time you work your way down to the last piece of paper, you're drawing better.

In order to make drawing look easy, you have to work.

And speaking doing some drawing, I gotta go do some honest cartooning toil today.

Okay? Okay!

Back to work!

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