Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The PRO Cartoonist & Gagwriter, Mid-March 1962

Here's the entire PRO Cartoonist & Gagwriter zine, Volume 2, Number 4, Mid-March 1962. Published by Charles and Ed Bell, The PRO Cartoonist & Gagwriter was marketed toward the professional magazine gag cartoonist (Duh!) in the 1960s. The late Arnold Wagner edited. The mag connected gag cartoonists to markets and general industry news.

There are some great factoids too. Like the fact that Chon Day had a personalized license plate on his Rambler, and a Brother Sebastian flag for the antenna that his wife made:

Want more? I have two other issues scanned:
PRO Cartoonist & Gagwriter April 1962
PRO Cartoonist & Gagwriter November 1962




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Swisstoons said...

Great stuff. When this trade mag was published, I was in high school and I had no idea it existed...nor that I'd become a gagwriter/cartoonist later in life. All I knew was I loved gag cartoons. I found the map in this issue particularly interesting! In the early sixties, it was still possible to make a pretty decent living drawing toons for magazines. Although I didn't begin writing gags (for studio card companies and later for cartoonists) til the early seventies, and drawing my own gags til 1980, I know this because I used to order back issues of Al Gottlieb's Gag Recap from those earlier decades and each monthly issue was packed with captions, mag addresses, prices paid, names of cartoonists, etc, as well as market information. Thanks for this trip back in the time machine!