Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sketches of a Cartoonist's Life

Some drawings and a photo through the years of my cartooning life ...

Above and below sketches are from 2006.

There I am, going thru the F train turnstyle. I reason that I carried a tire gauge with me in Brooklyn, NY is lost to history.

Above: an old photo (with an old bulky monitor) of my "workstation." This is an old teacher's desk we found on the streets of Brooklyn and carried home. The "Just our of view" should read "Just out of view," natch! The coffee cup is a C-SPAN "Washington Journal" mug. Rufus the cat is still alive and well.

 My favorite sketch of "Mike at work" is this excellent 2010 drawing of me by my inky pal Mark Anderson. This was for an interview in "Stay Tooned" magazine and Mark really captured the clutter and the cat that are my life! Thanks, Mark!

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