Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chris Cassatt 1946-2013

Above photo of Chris Cassatt and Sal E. Mander by Mary Hayes of The Aspen Times.

Chris Cassatt, part of the team behind the syndicated comic strip SHOE, died Wednesday morning in his Aspen, CO home. The cause was lymphoma.

Andy Stone of The Aspen Times, writes:

A computer whiz, Cassatt often used those skills as he put his strips together, and that process, combined with his long-standing close friendship with Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mike Peters, led to his breakthrough onto the national stage. In the early 1990s, Peters introduced Cassatt to Jeff MacNelly, also a Pulitzer Prize winner and the creator of “Shoe.” Using his computer skills to help MacNelly produce the strip, Cassatt rapidly became an invaluable part of the “Shoe” operation. And after MacNelly's untimely death in 2000, Cassatt — working with MacNelly's widow, Susie, and illustrator Gary Brookins — used those skills to keep the strip alive. Cassatt put his heart and soul into the strip, working six days a week for 12 years.

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