Thursday, July 17, 2014

All of the Cartoons From the SATURDAY EVENING POST December 26, 1964

A lovely trove of cartoons from this, the last issue of 1964. The contents are copyright 1968 by The Saturday Evening Post Company.
Sylvia Getsler has a nice brush technique:

Jerry Marcus tells us the harsh truth:

Henry Syverson's "Post Scripts" header for their cartoon page:

Joseph Farris with a trickle down economics gag:

Donald Reilly with a parenting cartoon:

Orlando Busino draws "the moment before chaos" (the funniest moment in a cartoon):

Jack Tippit with a message about the relationship between men and women:

Orlando Busino posits the point of view of an 8 year old kid:

The one and only Don Orehek with his great style of black spotting, composition and character (you can tell I'm a fan, huh?):

Henry Boltinoff with an Aussie take on a classic gag:

Art Pottier with an appropriate cartoon for this "genus kid" issue of SEP:

Ted Key's HAZEL is ALWAYS in the Post:

Vahan Shirvanian with an illustrative cartoon with a lovely wash:

Scott Taber with one about our ever changing media:

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Mark Anderson said...

LOVE that chemistry set one! What a great gag!