Wednesday, July 09, 2014

My Wife's Chair Fetish

Welcome to blog entry #5000. Can you believe it? I did the math and that's the way it works out.

This bloggiversary just happens to coincide with my wife's dream this week. She told me all about it, so I drew it.

Here you go:


Constance Trotman said...

That is sooooo good!! And you and Stacy look just like your drawings. You have captured it all!!

RoB said...

I enjoyed this so much - other people' s dreams are fun to hear, especially with pictures. They're a glimpse into someone else's sub-conscious. This reminded me of Raconteur. Any chance of another edition?

Mike Lynch said...

Thank you for your kind words.

The rule with drawing one's loved ones in a comic strip form is make sure you draw 'em younger and slimmer. This applies ones self as well.

We are working on a new issue of RACONTEUR and it will be terrific. Thanks so much for asking.