Friday, July 18, 2014

Video: Michael Leunig Cartoons

Here's some video of Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig in conversation with Paola Totaro at the Sydney Writers' Festival. It runs about an hour.

Leunig combines absurdist, revolting and heartfelt sweetness all in one cartoon. He is one of the most popular cartoonists in Australia.

Michael Leunig has been cartooning for decades, and in case you need to see some of his cartoons, here are a selection from his book LEUNIG, originally published in 1971. This is the American paperback version, which came out ten years later. It's copyright 1981 by Mr. Leunig.

Hat tip to John Klossner for loan of the LEUNIG book. Thanks, John!

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Pigs in Maputo said...

Is it just me, or Leunig's work reminds me of John Callahan's?