Friday, July 11, 2014

I Drew a New SKIN HORSE Character

Like I told you, I'm the "substitute teacher" over at SKIN HORSE, temporarily taking over the the visualization of the long-running, award winning strip. This is only for a couple of weeks while Shaenon Garrity takes maternity leave.

Some months ago, I talked with SKIN HORSE writer Jeffrey C. Wells on the phone and the conversation went something like this. This was the first time we chatted. I tell ya, I sure sounded like a dope for not understanding his question:

Jeffrey C. Wells: So, what do you like to draw? 
Mike Lynch: Huh? 
Jeffrey C. Wells: What do you like to draw? 
Mike Lynch: What? 
Jeffrey C. Wells: Some people like to draw cute things, some people like to draw dinosaurs. I'll try to write something about, for instance, cute things, in the strip. Something like that, you know? What do you like to draw?  
Mike Lynch: Uh, well, I draw pretty much everything.  
Jeffrey C. Wells: I just thought maybe you would like to have a say in what you would be drawing. 
Mike Lynch: Huh? I never had a writer say that to me. Um, I guess it's up to you. 
Jeffrey C. Wells: Okay, but if you change your mind, let me know.

So, Jeffrey sent a script along after a week or two. He described the character to Gorgoth the Dominator who, even though he's a mechanical ape, must be integrated into society as a useful citizen. Gorgoth was a new character, and the two weeks of continuity would revolve around him.

Here's Jeffrey's description of Gorgoth:

He is an intimidating sight, constructed of banded steel and adorned with shoulder spikes and a massive metal jaw that looks like it could break rocks. He has an air of barely-contained rage as he looks out over the rise, brooding. Despite his intimidating appearance, our heroes approach.

Well, of course the do. They're heroes, after all.

Here are some of the sketches I did of Gorgoth:

More next week. Until then, check out SKIN HORSE.

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