Monday, July 28, 2014

Paul Coker Draws 89 YEARS IN A SAND TRAP by Fred Beck

I tweeted this on Saturday:

12 hours, driving along the coast of Maine. Bought a 1965 book that Paul Coker, Jr. illustrated! Wow! Oh, yeah, & nice scenery, etc.

I found the hardcover 89 YEARS IN A SAND TRAP by Fred Beck in a store in Belfast, Maine this weekend. The illustrations are by Paul Coker (NOT Paul Coker, Jr. as he has been credited). I've never seen this and, you all ready know, that if you are a MAD Magazine fan, then this is vintage Coker!

Beck wrote a couple of humorous books. 89 YEARS IN A SAND TRAP is by way of a sequel to 77 YEARS IN A SAND TRAP (which does not have Coker drawings in it). The book is copyright 1965 by Fred Beck and was published by Hill and Wang in New York.

I'll stand back and let the Coker drawings do all the heavy lifting:

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